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Medical Scheduling Software

Every medical practice has their "organizer". The appointment taker. The "master timekeeper". So what about when you're looking at medical scheduling software as an option for your growing practice? Proper medical scheduling software is not a "replacement" for this person, but merely takes the power of their job and brings it to exponential levels. What if you could track doctor times, patient appointment times and schedule automatic reminders all from one single interface. Wouldn't that make managing patient appointments and doctor scheduling easier? We're willing to bet it would.

With the MediRange medical scheduling software module, managing the workflow and resources of anywhere from one to 10 offices becomes a breeze. Cancellations can be noted and planned for with the click of a mouse. Rescheduling appointments can be done by simply dragging and dropping. Patient related data, including lab appointments and external services, can be accessed immediately. Reserving time slots for complicated procedures can be scheduled with complete consideration for provider procedures. Increase your billing efficiencies by discovering who your "non-paying patients" are. Knowing this can make a huge difference for your bottom line.

Teaming Scheduling With EMR

The true beauty of the recent Federal Stimulus package and its focus on EMR is that with the rebates available to doctors "meaningfully using" electronic medical records system, you can truly revolutionize your practice for free. Adopting a fully functional, customized practice management software system with EMR can advance your practice's capabilities, save massive amounts of time, and maximize billing revenues, all for a price less than the Stimulus incentives. What this means is that for a limited time you can provide for the IT needs of your growing practice for years to come, all while having the peace of mind that comes with the fact that the Government will pay for it!

Customizing Scheduling To Your Practice

Let's face it. every medical practice runs in a different way. There are similarities, to be sure, but having a medical software vendor that has a real understanding of what it takes to customize a medical scheduling software product to your practice, as opposed to attempting to make you "fit a solution", is really your best bet. EMRG representatives can help you identify exactly what you are looking for in a medical scheduling software, and what you expect it to accomplish, and then make it so. We can customize how the system works for you, and then support you from installation to full adoption. Our clients are more than just one-time customers. Our relationship with them grows as our systems are used. It's one of the benefits of being one of the industry's largest providers.

Gaining the benefits of the Electronic Medical Records Group MediRange system is easier than you might think. To get a better view of the system, please apply for a demo here. Or, if you have any questions about the MediRange suite of medical software products, or adopting a medical scheduling software program in your practice, please contact us here.

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