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Medical Records Program

Paper medical records are quickly becoming an old and forgotten problem thanks to current innovations in the field of medical records software programs. Productivity among clinics with EMR software built into their workflow has increased markedly, ensuring paper will soon be a thing of the past.

If your practice is big, and serves more than one thousand patients, what are you waiting for? Larger practices suffer hugely from productivity drain because of paper medical records, which is why larger HMOs and multi-location clinics were the first and most active in the adoption of these systems. Medical records software not only increases productivity, but reduces the need for storage space and ensures no record goes missing ever again.

Get A Medical Records Program Working For You

A functional medical records program installation begins with analyzing the way your medical practice works. Transforming your workflow is key, as it will change markedly. Suddenly, all patient records will be electronically retrievable via a single server in any exam room. A full medical history that used to take quite a while to pull up can now be completed in seconds with a simple interface.

In most cases, if you've used a typical productivity application you will usually have no difficulty with medical records software. Windows applications share common interface cues, which makes them incredibly natural to pickup.

Installation Issues

Before you can install and implement your medical records software, your EMR company must create a workflow plan that will mirror the way you work now, requiring the fewest changes overall, while integrating the new efficiencies of the software. Once this workflow design has been built and approved, the actual installation can usually be completed within a few days to a week, depending on the number of PCs necessary for your practice setup.

Hardware: Keep It Simple

Installing a medical records software system that requires no uncommon hardware is key. Long gone are the days when specialized UNIX systems required pricey, $20,000 terminals. In fact, because of today's PC commodity-like pricing, your hardware costs are far lower than they were a mere ten years ago. Using Windows PCs to host your EMR system is also helpful during the training and support processes, as by this point almost all of your staff will have some degree of experience using Windows programs, and can use this knowledge to learn the system faster.

Your Patient, EMR And You

Most high quality electronic medical records programa offer charting and images, both to add to the aesthetic and practical elements of the product. Many doctors find that when the patient can view what their diagnosis is, and the affected areas, it can have much greater impact. EMR software-as-visual-aid is not a new concept, but is one that remains a crucial benefit. Basically, images help minimize confusion, create better communication and build a stronger doctor-patient relationship.

Contact Us

Electronic Medical Records Group understands that your staff is the key to successfully taking on a workflow changing product such as electronic medical records software. When we take on a client, we assess the abilities of staff first before recommending an adoption and training process. This is key, because a practice is more than just a doctor - it is the support staff that runs it as well. Keeping this in mind is critical to ensuring your first experience with a medical records program is a great one.

Gaining the benefits of the Electronic Medical Records Group MediRange system is easier than you might think. To get a better view of the system, please apply for a demo here. Or, if you have any questions about the MediRange suite of medical software products, or adopting an medical records software application in your practice, please contact us here.

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