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No IT decision is more critical, and has such far reaching effects for most doctors than the EMR system they choose. Adopting electronic medical record software into your practice is more than just dropping a few computers in strategic places - it's about redesigning the way you work, and the way patients are served. While many vendors, particularly those offering EMR systems with extremely limited feature sets, will claim that "it's all just plug and play", experienced vendors, like Electronic Medical Records Group, know better. When you're looking at an EMR system as robust and efficiency-driving as the MediRange system, you must be prepared for change.

What Are You Looking For In An EMR System?

The recent Federal Stimulus package has made it easier than ever for doctors to accept electronic medical records software as not just the "wave of the future", but as a present necessity. The question we ask of all doctors considering an EMR system for the first time is "what exactly do you want your EMR system to accomplish?" Although it sounds odd, many doctors have not really considered making goals and objectives, or even developing their expectations as to what an electronic medical records system can provide them with. Have you taken a real look at the benefits an EMR system can provide?

Small Box, Small Advantages

Believe it or not, there are EMR systems on the market for less than $1000 per installation. In the healthcare industry, which is known as one of the slowest adopters of technology in business, one of the biggest (and most consistent) mistake most doctors make is to "go cheap". Each day, Electronic Medical Records Group receives a new call from a doctor who made the mistake of paying for an "boxed solution", which has slowed down simple practice functions to a crawl. This is quite typical for a low end solution, which long term can cost a lot more for a medical practice than you might think.

Planning Makes A Difference

What "low bid" EMR consultants don't let you know up front is that the key to a truly beneficial EMR system installation is planning. It involves the vendor customizing the electronic medical records solution to YOUR needs, as opposed to having you adapt to a box. It involves creating the kind of reports, charts and billing interfaces that will not only benefit your practice operationally, but financially.

Having a professional EMR vendor like Electronic Medical Records Group in your corner means you have a partner that is intensively focused on not only your return on investment, but on ensuring that your practice has a markedly more efficient workflow than you did pre-EMR. This is a process, and takes work, but in the medium term, pays off handsomely.


Let's face it. every medical practice is a business. And every business must grow in order to survive. Boxed EMR system solutions rarely allow you to expand your business beyond where it is today, whereas custom vendors like EMRG look at how our system can adapt to your needs, whether it is with an additional location down the line, or simply with mobile technology, which can add amazing efficiencies you never thought possible. Do yourself a favor - consider EMR system solutions of all sizes - you might find that your needs are a little more than an "off the shelf" system might provide.

Gaining the benefits of the Electronic Medical Records Group MediRange system is easier than you might think. To get a better view of the system, please apply for a demo here. Or, if you have any questions about the MediRange suite of medical software products, or adopting an EMR system in your practice, please contact us here.

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