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EMR Medical Records - Is It For You?

When The Federal Stimulus Program made it so: adopting EMR medical records software now means big incentive rebates for doctors and the clinics they run. Fact is, those numbers, over a few years, add up to up to $44,000 in additional Medicare incentives, and up to $64,000 in additional Medicaid incentives. All a doctor or practice has to show is meaningful use, and an extremely high quality EMR software system is virtually paid for - by the government. It's really the bargain of a century for doctors.

But there are exceptions. Certainly, EMR medical records software is not for everyone, even with the huge government cash infusions. Here are a few reasons why you might want to avoid adopting a new EMR software system in your medical practice.

  1. You're Retiring Soon - Is the golf course calling? Have you served your time helping patients and have decided to opt for a life of leisure? If this is the case, no problem. Computerizing a medical practice is not a "quick-fast" task, and if you're moving on soon, no need to bother. The fact is, the government doesn't provide incentives until 2011 (which is coming soon), but you won't get the full benefits until 2016.
  2. Computer-Phobia - One of the main reasons why doctors do not adopt computer systems or EMR medical records in their practices is because of something they'd rather not talk about - an intense fear of computers. The healthcare industry has been one of the slowest to adopt technology because of this, and that's changing, albeit very slowly. So, if you really like cursive, working with paper and think Windows is something you look through from your office, EMR medical records may not be for you.
  3. You Like Paying Extra Taxes - The double edged sword of the Federal Stimulus program is that if you do not adopt an EMR software system in your practice, you'll be penalized. The actual penalties don't take place until 2015 (1% of Medicare Incentives), but by 2017, you'll have 3% docked from your Medicare payments if you've refused to add an EMR system. It's a tax that adds up, and continues annually as long as you ignore EMR. Viva la government!
  4. Your Practice Is Shrinking - Are competitors eating your lunch? Has your bedside manner made patients flee? Probably not the latter, but if demographics have cooperated with bad business conditions, your practice may be shrinking. In this case, EMR medical records are unlikely to help you. This is a product built for growing, dynamic practices. Does yours fit the bill?

The fact is, EMR medical records software can be customized for pretty much any practice's needs, and provide the kind of cost benefits that only increase as your practice grows. If any of the four issues above apply to you, however, EMR may not be for you. Paper's as old as time, after all, and is still going to be around for years to come.

Check out a free demo of our EMR medical records here.


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