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Electronic Medical Records Training

When adopting a new electronic medical records or full on practice management software system for your medical practice, training is perhaps the most important foundation. The training process enables you and your staff to immediately discover and utilize the benefits of the MediRange medical software suite. Adopting a new system and workflow process in your practice is a big investment, and superior training immediately engages your staff and provides a quicker and better return on that investment.

Options To Suit Your Practice

Not every practice can afford to close for a few days while training takes place. This is why EMRG offers a variety of training options customizable to your practice's schedule, and complementary to your staff's skills. Our training program focuses on immediate cost reductions, while ensuring that productivity gains are realized as soon as is possible. We deliver training in a few important ways:

1. Online - with our web training service, your staff gains high quality training over the web, ensuring that there is no need for travel or other practice interruptions.

2. EMRG Training Facility - Our fully equipped training facility is always ready to deliver the best quality of training for not only new software adoptions, but also to new employees.

3. Onsite Training - Our certified software trainers can also provide superior training at your practice, in either a one-on-one or group setting.

4. Hybrid - We frequently customize programs for our clients, as each practice has different needs. By combining onsite, web and class training, your staff truly gains the best points of each format.

Certified Trainers

Our trainers are all completely certified with the MediRange system, and have experience with electronic medical records adoption and ambulatory practice workflow standards. Each of our trainers boasts several years of in-class, in-practice training experience working with small or large groups.

Whatever your practice specialty, our trainers are ready to work to provide your staff with the skills necessary to not only use, but excel with the MediRange software system.

Training And Productivity

While many clients look to the training process as a natural place where corners can be cut, we at Electronic Medical Records Group strongly recommend against this idea. A focused training program ensures your staff is all trained using the same modules and processes, thereby ensuring a consistency which is critical to successful, efficient adoption.

Training is the key building block for realizing efficiencies and maximizing communication effectiveness throughout your practice. By creating a shared sense of purpose, and knowledge of the EMR software system processes, your staff is motivated to use the system to its fullest level of functionality. The level of productivity your staff experiences is directly related to the quality of the training. Using our training programs ensures the highest return on investment for your system as soon as possible.

Check out a free demo of our EMR software here.


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