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The MediRange medical emr software suite is an award winning, HIPAA Compliant, fully integrated Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software system developed for small and large single or multi- physician facilities. Adopting an effective Electronic Medical Records software system in your practice has never before been more cost-effective, mainly thanks to the EHR Stimulus Reimbursement program.

The MediRange EMR software module, either as a standalone system, or incorporated with the practice management and medical billing modules, provides your practice with several important benefits. These benefits include:

True Accessibility

By minimizing navigation complexity, the MediRange EMR software module enables fast, efficient access to patient and practice information, as well as templates notes and documents relating to your patient, all at the click of a mouse. Working in a tabbed environment enables you to quickly toggle between several active patient records quickly and easily. The system allows for:

  • The ability to launch (and work with) several patient folders at once.
  • Customizable patient folder panels so that the information you need is always visible.
  • Multi-source access to patient information
  • Remote access via secure terminals
  • Interoffice communication via the secure messaging service.

Ultimate Reliability and Efficiency

The cornerstone of every effective electronic medical records system is its database. Based upon hundreds of hours of in-practice consulting, combined with client interviews, the design of the MediRange EMR database is what has made it an award winning product. Bringing together hundreds of medical templates and over 14 medical specialties requires a truly complex architecture, one which must provide real functionality and solid robustness.

And yet, despite the complexity, EMRG has consistently delivered an interface which is extremely easy to use, enabling true effectiveness even without a great deal of computer savvy. The efficiencies of the system are numerous, and begin to show their value as soon as first adoption begins. Some of these efficiencies include:

  • Quick charting thanks to the simple point and click interface
  • Fast, easy access to patient medication, allergy and other patient history
  • Viewing of electronic medical records on any terminal on the network
  • A truly portable electronic health record format
  • Office tasks can be easily automated, such as patient outcalls and patient reminders
  • No folders to file or misplace, and much more legible typed records
  • And many, many more.

Increased Profitability

Adopting an Electronic Medical Records software system at your practice has a number of key benefits, but few can argue of the importance of the "profitability factor". Simply put, an EMR software suite is not simply a new workflow system, but in fact, a massive cost saver. Even before the Federal Stimulus Program offered multiple thousands of dollars in rebates (an unprecedented and truly valuable reason to begin your adoption today), the MediRange EMR software system gained notoriety for its incredibly fast return on investment as compared to other CCHIT-certified EMR modules.

By increasing profitability within weeks of first adoption, the MediRange EMR application is a truly dynamic addition to your practice. Some profitability generating characteristics of the software include:

  • Eliminates costly transcription fees
  • Dynamic office productivity increases via better information accessibility and improved workflow
  • Robust documentation features ensure that billing claims are effectively supported
  • Ability to see more patients per day as patient history and charting is available immediately at the click of a mouse
  • Staff reductions are frequently possible with a newly adopted system

Gaining the benefits of the Electronic Medical Records Group MediRange system is easier than you might think. To get a better view of the system, please apply for a demo here. Or, if you have any questions about the MediRange suite of medical software products, or adopting an EMR software system in your practice, please contact us here.

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