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Four Ways A Electronic Medical Record System Helps Your Practice

Simple fact: electronic medical record systems aren't going anywhere. The US has basically mandated it with the Federal Stimulus plan. But what exactly are the benefits of an EMR system for a practicing physicians?

Immediate Prescription Delivery - How would you like to deliver a patient's prescription to the pharmacy of their choice within moments? How about making this happen while knowing that the prescription is absolutely correct, and where handwriting is never an issue? This is the great advantage of a properly configured electronic medical record system. Not only does the patient, but the physician can benefit from this system, as the hours saved (especially on handfuls of prescriptions per day) is massive.

Lab Results Quickly and Easily - How many times have you had patients calling you for test results, forcing you had to take time from your busy schedule to return their call and let them know what the results were? With medical records available electronically, meanwhile, patients can retrieve their results quickly and easily. This is an advantage - the only disadvantage is that it's sometimes hard to know exactly what test results mean, so sometimes they will still call you.

Safety in Travel - If you have a patient with a health problem and they want to take a vacation, you might be worried about them traveling in case of an emergency. But if they have an electronic medical record, you know that your patients can access to their medical details no matter where you are in the world. That helps you to know that your patients will be treated in compliance with their health problems.

Prescription Conflict Solution - No practitioner wants to prescribe a medication that will conflict with a pill a patient is already using, but let's face it, it does occur. With a well updated electronic medical record, however, there are rarely issues with conflicts, and frequently, warnings are built right into the application. Problem solved!

Minimizing drug conflicts is certainly a major benefit to having an electronic medical record system, but general cost savings are the main advantage. Insurance companies and HMOs, as an example, have warmed to EMR systems because it helps them to cut costs. Generic drugs and alternative treatments can be suggested, which can save all stakeholders a lot of money.

When a doctor uses electronic medical records for their patients, they discover that it's easier for just about everyone involved. The patients can communicate with their doctors and find out test results in a quick and efficient way. It helps doctors to feel better about their patient travel, since if there is a health issue where the person requires a hospital visit, the practitioner in the area is able to access their records and properly diagnose they should be treated.

It saves time for both physicians and their patients since the information that patients would often receive from either using the telephone or in person can be read on the Internet. The use of an electronic medical record system is an amazing idea for both doctors and patients and for the healthcare industry overall.

Gaining the benefits of the Electronic Medical Records Group MediRange system is easier than you might think. To get a better view of the system, please apply for a demo here. Or, if you have any questions about the MediRange suite of medical software products, or adopting an electronic medical record software system in your practice, please contact us here.

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