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Advantages of Electronic Medical Records

Adopting an electronic medical records software system, or EMR (also known as electronic health records or EHR), into your medical practice offers a variety of advantages and benefits. Many doctors and office managers are concerned that adopting a new system and moving from paper medical records can be difficult, and complicated to manage. While that may have been the case with older EMR software systems, such as those based on legacy platforms like UNIX in the early to late 1990s, the new electronic medical records systems, such as that included in the MediRange system, completely skirt this issue.

These products are sleek, error-free and completely simple to adapt to, thanks to graphical interfaces that make using them as simple as opening an Internet browser. Bringing your medical practice up to date with an EMR software system is now easier (and more inexpensive) than ever, and provides you with true peace of mind.

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Immediate Government Incentives

Because of the recent stimulus package, practitioners demonstrating a "meaningful use" of an electronic medical records software system such as that offered in the MediRange suite can receive up to $44,000 in Medicare incentives, or $64,000 in Medicaid Incentives. This means that now (as the stimulus is available on a limited time basis) is the best time to install an electronic medical records software system in your practice. Never before has it been possible to have your EMR software paid for by the government, and we imagine it's unlikely to ever be paid for like this again.

Efficient Workflow

As computer terminals have become physically smaller and smaller, the ability for medical offices to unobtrusively include them in examination rooms has increased markedly. Increased access to patient records from anywhere within the practice is one of the key advantages of electronic medical records. No longer is it necessary to ensure paper files are properly transported, filed and re-filed throughout your office.

Appointment requests can be instantly entered by the practitioner so that office staff, and the patient record itself is updated. With the MediRange EMR software product, many office managers see a marked time savings within the first week of use. This can add up to hundreds of hours over a period of a year, and ensure that more patients can be served, increasing the efficiency of the practice.

No Lost Records

Lost records can be a major nightmare for the practitioner and his or her staff. While most well-run practices rarely experience such an occurrence, all it takes is one lost file to see why an electronic medical records system can offer a huge safety net. There is never an issue with record mix-ups in an electronic system, as the doctor has access to all records from any terminal in the office.

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Decreased Operating Costs

Once a medical practice begins to experience the major labor and time efficiencies available with an Electronic Medical Records software system, operating costs begin to decrease markedly. In fact, some practices adopting the MediRange EMR software system have been able to cut overall staffing costs enough to provide full ROI on the system within a year or less. This, when combined with the recent government incentives mean that some practices may actually dramatically increase profits within less than a year of adoption. How many other IT programs can offer your practice that?

To get a free demo of our system, click here. Or, to contact us directly with questions about how the advantages of electronic medical records can help your practice, click here or call the toll-free number above.


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Advantages Of Electronic Medical Records