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About Electronic Medical Records Group

Electronic Medical Records Group is a national leader in the development and implementation of electronic medical records software for medical clinics and practices. As key integrator of the the MediRange suite of medical software which includes practice management, medical billing, appointment scheduling as well as a CCHIT approved EMR module, we have provided software, services and training for thousands of medical practices across the United States and Canada. We maintain a strong customer-first focus, as it has been our customers that have been most responsible for our success, and have been integral to the growth of the MediRange suite.

Our Mission

From Day One, the goal of Electronic Medical Records Group has been to improve the bottom line costs and overall efficiencies of our client practices. We continue to improve our products and services everyday in order to ensure that our clients can focus on what they do best: patient care. The MediRange suite of medical software is well known in the industry because it is award winning, and offers one of the quickest returns on investment of any suite available today.

Electronic Medical Records Software

Built upon the Microsoft .NET architecture, the MediRange EMR software system is one of the most robust applications available. With an easily customizable interface, you can quickly gear the system for your practice, enabling you to save time and resources immediately. The ease of use is a prime adoption factor for most of our clients, as the interface is extremely similar to that of the most common piece of software available today: the Internet Explorer browser.

Practice Management and Medical Billing Software

The practice management and medical billing software modules within the MediRange suite offer a number of distinct advantages for clinicians. Combining true ease of use with a robust and powerful scheduling and billing system immediately creates efficiencies for most practices, with some of our clients reporting truly amazing cuts in administration times per patient. With a powerful set of search tools, and a customizable appointment scheduler with outcalling ability, managing patient appointments has never been easier!

Software Training And Implementation

As a full service EMR vendor, we understand that training is one of the most important factors for enabling our clients to get their software working for them. We do not offer an "out of the box" solution; instead, we customize a training schedule that works with the time and budget of your practice to ensure you maximize your training value. Because we install and train medical office personnel everyday, we can provide your staff with workflow process optimization tools to ensure your practice runs as efficiently and profitably as possible.

We provide an array of different training delivery methods, including Web-Based, Onsite Training at your Practice, Training at Our Facility, or a hybrid training program, which may include Web-Based, as well as a combination of Onsite training. Whatever works best for your practice is what works best for us.

Seeing the MediRange EMR software system in action is the easiest way to discover how it can benefit your practice today. Click here for a free demonstration.

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